Yuliya Kolmogorova

Maternal grandmother
Yuliya Kolmogorova (née Trapeznikova) was born in 1843 into a family of retired military officer Ivan Trapeznikov and Mariya Kalachyova. She was baptized at the Ilyinskaya church in Yaroslavl. Yuliya and her parents lived on Vlasyevskaya street in Yaroslavl, not far from the Kolmogorovs' place. In 1849, following her father's petition to the Yaroslavl Nobility Assembly, she was awarded a nobility title.

In July 1860, Yuliya married Yakov Kolmogorov, who also became her guardian, since she was not of age yet. The marriage produced six daughters and a son. Starting from the 1890s, Yuliya and her daughters Vera, Nadezhda, Mariya, and Varvara resided permanently in Moscow. Each summer, the family moved to the estate in Tunoshna, where Andrei Kolmogorov spent his early years.

After her daughter Vera and her grandson Andrei moved to Moscow, Yuliyastayed with them in their apartment in Trubnikov Lane. As Kolmogorov recalled, she tragically died in the 1920s.

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